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Deb BROWN - Glass and Metal Artist

Since 1988, Deb Brown, a resident of Horseshoe Valley, has devoted her life to her art. Beginning as a Stained Glass Artist, she was compelled to stretch the limits of her medium, leading her to explore metalwork and eventually to the production of three dimensional sculptures, and fused glass creations.
Her current works feature incredible welded steel sculptures, unforgettable stained and fused glassworks, and amazing sculptures which combine steel and glass.
Deb's artistry also includes wearable art, featuring brilliant kiln fused, Dichroic glass jewellery.
"Art for the soul, created with fire & light"

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DB013 - Wind Dancers - SAMPLE

DB045 - Feathers

Sample # 1

Sample # 2

Sample # 3

Sample # 4

Sample # 5

Sample # 6

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