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Jan FITCH - Cast Paper & Driftwood Art

Jan Fitch was born in Herfordshire, England and worked as a secretary and personnel officer. In 1977 she joined a group that sailed a 38' ketch from England to the United States visiting 10 countries and landing in the Chesapeake Bay region of Maryland. It was here that her career would change to that of an artist - a carver of wooden birds.
Recently, Jan decided to carry her knowledge of wildfowl into another medium - cast paper sculpture. The image is designed as a bas relief sculpture and in turn, created into a limited edition cast paper replica of the original. Each piece is hand pulled and has its own unique characteristic. Jan either leaves the sculpture as pulled from the mold, or she pencils or paints the sculpture with realistic detail.
Jan lives on Wolfe Island, Ontario and has won many awards for her work. She teaches part time for various clubs and colleges including the Haliburton School of the Arts.

Gallery - Click on a thumbnail for more details

NF004 - Mallard # 37 - SAMPLE

NF006 - Life Begins, Sample, Similar Works May Be Available

NF007 - Ollie - Sample, Similar Works May Be Available

NF009 - Old Zeke - SAMPLE - Similar Works May Be Available

NF010 - Fisher King - SAMPLE - Similar Works May Be Available

NF016 - Long Joe - SAMPLE - Similar Works May Be Available

NF022 - Honker - SAMPLE - Similar Works May Be Available

NF056 - Tree Swallow - $210.

NF094 - The Way Home - $125.

NF096 - Long Joe - SAMPLE - $360.

NF099 - Lazy Daisy - $110.

NF100 - First Outing - $125.

NF110 - Family Outing - SOLD - Similar Works May Be Available.

NF133 - English Robin - $225.

NF134 - Goldfinch Pair - $450.

NF135 - Sparrow - $275.

NF146 - Goldfintch # 19 - $225.

NF147 - Screach Owl, Life Size - $595.

NF148 - Screach Owl $425.--SOLD-

NFSample - Mallard Chicks

NFsample Pins2


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