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Tiffany HOWE - Painter

Tiffany Howe is an eclectic collector. Her work combines acrylic collage techniques with methods taken from textile appliqué and art quilting. Texture, luminosity, and the exploration of recycled materials are a consistent focus in her works. She uses collage and assemblage to formulate her collections of treasures into mixed media paintings, 3-dimensional pieces, and wearable or functional items. Recycled foils of various origins are often used to create semi-reflective, highly textured surfaces that change with the changing light of day. When this light effect is combined with metallic and matte paints, organic and man-made found objects of varying surface qualities she builds dynamic layers creating a piece with sophisticated depth and value contrast.
Tiffany strives to avoid burdening the earth with excessive use of new materials. Her ‘green’ art uses as many ‘up-cycled’ and repurposed items as possible. She is an environmentally conscious person who is passionate about and intrigued by the natural world. She aims to communicate through her art works the importance of the subtleties of nature; the intricate details, elements and creatures, or the emotion in a far away silhouette - demonstrated in an abstracted, romanticized, or dream-like manner. Her work speaks of the connections and the contrasts between living organisms and man-made things, abstract and realism, and how they are or can be married together effectively.
Tiffany is an award winning emerging artist from Haliburton Ontario. She has custom built her education following secondary school through professional development of her business as an artist/craftsperson and working with and apprenticing under professional artists and renowned arts establishments. She also completed numerous courses at the Haliburton School of the Arts, Sheridan College’s Art Fundamentals and Craft and Design Programs, and has a Certificate in Tourism Careers from Fleming College, Haliburton. Currently, she is Curator at The Ethel Curry Gallery. She is very active in her arts community. In 2014 she opened her studio on Redstone Lake Road, West Guilford. It will be open year round by appointment and also during the Haliburton County Studio Tour (Studio AA).
Tiffany’s work is now sought after by local and foreign gallery visitors and is in private collections in Europe, The United States, Uruguay, Germany, Australia, and across Canada.

Gallery - Click on a thumbnail for more details

TH095 - Sweet Redwing - SAMPLE

TH096 - Duet - SAMPLE

TH099 - Swingin' Suzies - SAMPLE

TH123 - Fuscia Hills

TH124 - Bronze Dunes

TH125 - Jade Mist Vista

TH126 - Gold and Ruby Vista

TH140 - Wee Texture II - $95.

TH141 - Denim Feather: Pearly Three - $95.

TH147 - Klimt's Treasures Bursting - $350.

TH158 - The Long View - $765. -SOLD-

TH159 - Beaver : Castor canadensis - $475.

TH160 - Red Fox : Vulpes vuples - $650.

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