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Emily KEARSLEY - Painter

A lot of Emily’s inspiration comes from spending time up north in the Haliburton or Huntsville area. She can see something in nature or in her travels and begin cropping it in her mind and planning on putting it on canvas. Inspiration can also come from music, long drives, movies, her mood, anything can inspire Emily to create.

Emily paints primarily in oil. Being mostly self taught, oil allows more time to think and play around with the paint technique, allowing Emily to achieve the look, mood or style she might be aiming for.

Emily loves to paint because she finds it very relaxing and she enjoys creating. She doesn’t aim for realism perfection, she likes spending time on details only to a point, wanting it to still look like a painting. Emily shares her artwork with people whether it’s friends, family or co-workers. Emily enjoys hearing their comments, advice or seeing their reactions.

“If a painting I have done is something that someone remembers, mentions to me later, or it made them feel something, then I feel I have done myself very proud.”

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KE015 - It's a '62' - $500

KE017 - Left Right Left - $400.

KE019 - You Wish - $160.

KE020 - Night Cap - $55.

KE023 - Alone - $300.

KE026 - Airstream - $300.

KE028 - They Are Leaning Out For Love - $800.-SOLD

KE029a - Playing Card Paintings - $100.

KE029b - Playing Card Paintings - $100.

KE030 - Happy Nerves - $180.

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