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Carole FINN - Painter

Living in the woods at the edge of a lake surrounded by nature for most of my life has imbued in me a love of my surroundings and a deep desire to protect them. I am drawn to landscapes that bespeak the wild power of nature in the rocks, water and trees and in the might of the animals that inhabit these places. Energy that emanates from these landscapes connects profoundly with my soul and drives me to translate them into a visual language. By doing so I hope to inspire people to look deeper into the world that surrounds them. It was an experience in a wild place that drew me back to making art. I was walking a path on the Western shore of Vancouver island when a huge wave came crashing upon the shore; licking at the enormous, twisted trees on the water's edge. The connection happened. My work had to try to capture this force, motion and awesome beauty.

Gallery - Click on a thumbnail for more details

CF005 - View From the Ridge - Reproduction - $495.

CF006 - Bull Kelp - Reproduction - $495.

CF007 - Surfers Pass - Reproduction - $495.

CF008 - Rosie's Bay - Reproduction - $495.

CF009 - Brown's Beach - Reproduction - $495.

CF010 - Tidal Rock - Reproduction - $495.

CF011 - Western Gulls - Reproduction - $495.

CF012 - Fall HIlls in Autumn Glory - $750. SOLD

CF013 - Fall Reflections - $750.

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