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Neil STERNBERG - Painter

Neil Sternberg is a self-taught painter who has been honing his craft for over ten years. As a realist painter my main focus and inspiration is the environment in which I live. I feel a constant urge to record my thoughts and sensations through painting to bring a contemporary portrayal of my surroundings. My search as an artist is to record visually those elusive elements that define a thing or place and successfully interpret such feelings as solitude, bareness and desolation. The more I worked on my painting, the more I came to see that the light is really the unifying thread to all the paintings-whether I am conveying the warmth of dusk or the intense midday sun beating down on the landscape, or an artificial light illuminating a country porch in the middle of the night, light is the central theme. In the mode of artists like Cezanne and Wyeth I never grow tired of revisiting subjects and motifs over and over again, forever in search of the elusive perfect picture.

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NS010 - Through The Bushes - $850.

NS019 - Indian Landing - $1,200.

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