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Elaine GITALIS - Encaustic

I am open to the world around me, in the end, my inspiration comes from within...

Graduating from The Ontario College of Art in 1969, I majored in textile design. Working in this medium, I always enjoyed the textures that I was able to create on the handloom. With four looms of various sizes, I created wall-hangings and tapestries, sometimes incorporating yarns that I spun myself. In 1985, seeking even more versatility, I began to paint and have not looked back.
Over the years watercolour, acrylic, oil, encaustic and collage are media in which I have produced various successful series. Although I am of course open to the world around me, in the end my inspiration comes from within after which I then channel my creativity outwards to create the completed painting. It is only then that I am ready to share it with the viewer and allow them their own personal interpretation and enjoyment.

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GI001 - Silent Depth - $1,250.

GI003 - Ancient Story - $175

GI004 - Down To Earth - $175

GI007 - Winged Wonder - $395

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