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A true child of the Canadian timberland, Ethel had been inspired by the striking beauty of the forests, an inspiration that remained deep within her throughout her life. She believed nature was God himself and she worked very hard to study and learn from all that nature had to offer. She devoted weeks one year to pencil sketches of the movement of water, documenting the essence of the endless forms of water and all its characteristics. Ethel was brought up in the deeps of Haliburton by a kind father, W.R. Curry, who taught her to investigate the mysteries that nature had to offer. He also inspired her to imagine and create as he demonstrated the first breed of new capitalism, resourcefully establishing needed ventures for the growing village. Ethel's mother, Jesse Ellen, was also a strong influence in her life as she initiated her own version of the suffragette movement in Haliburton, teaching Ethel that women could enjoy the same freedoms and aspirations as men, and are competent to do much of the same work that men do.


"The solace and inspiration of nature's wild beauty inspires the artist to interpret and create, to carve and to build, to sculpt and to paint."


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